While Forward Faith is inclusive of different religious perspectives and traditions, I would describe my own personal faith background as Christian. Although the influence on my music is sometimes more subtle than overt, my songs contain Christian metaphors and allusions to passages from the Christian Bible.

Christian themes are included in my songs, not because I want to argue for a specific religious tradition, but rather, because this is part of my own personal faith experience. There is beauty to be found in diverse religious traditions. Thus, I draw from my own tradition just as I hope others will draw from and share their traditions, so that when we put all our voices together, they do not melt into a single note, but rather, combine into a rich harmony comprised of many different notes.

My hope is that people from many different backgrounds will find Forward Faith to be a meaningful and welcoming place.

For anyone interested in exploring how the songs at Forward Faith use Christian metaphors and passages from the Christian Bible, most of the posts include a section called "Biblical Allusions." On each post, this section describes how the featured song uses or alludes to passages from the Christian Bible. These sections also include discussion questions that individuals can ponder on their own, or that can be used to facilitate dialogue in small discussion groups. These questions are intended to allow for a diversity of viewpoints, and they not intended to be questions with specified "right" or "wrong" answers. My hope is that these questions will help people ponder and formulate their own perspectives and opinions.