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Ocean is a song finding comfort in divine presence, yet still embracing some anxiety. It draws images from a majestic ocean landscape and from the first chapter of Genesis to describe a unique type of comfort that is relevant, authentic, and meaningful.

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Burning Land of Flame

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Burning Land of Flame is a song of warning about the ways humans foolishly destroy the earth. It draws from Jesus’ words about the valley of Gahenna, and it uses a 400-year-old tune to tell a historical story about early railroads and homesteading in the United States.

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In Environment, Psychology, Theologyby Keith Sanford1 Comment

Kaleidoscope is a song about about faith and emotion. It is about a faith that finds beauty woven into the fabric of the universe, and how our emotions, both “good” and “bad,” have the potential to make us aware of this beauty and move us toward it.