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In Environment, Psychology, Theology by Keith Sanford1 Comment

Kaleidoscope is a song about faith and emotion. It is about a faith that finds beauty woven into the fabric of the universe, and how our emotions, both “good” and “bad,” have the potential to make us aware of this beauty and move us toward it.

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Dancing Child

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Where is the presence of goodness and beauty most pure and vibrant? It might be in a place bearing the marks of weakness and poverty. Dancing Child is a song of how people without privilege are precious.

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Ravens Fly

In Psychology, Social Justice, Theology by Keith Sanford1 Comment

Raven’s Fly is a song for children with disabilities. These children may lack status in a competitive world. They may have difficulty learning, speaking, playing, moving, or understanding emotion. But the poet of life mystically works through these children to show us what is truly beautiful .